Sunday, February 13, 2011

Childhood Dreams

It was turning out to be another dull and long train journey from Bangalore to Thoothukudi. The train was as usual late and it was past 9 AM and the train just left Madurai. The train was almost empty and I was staring out of the window, when a family came in and asked me if anybody else is coming and sat there. They were four in no, with a cute little girl and a boy. The girl was elder and she was almost eight. She came near me and I was just asking her the usual questions about her name and school. She replied very confidently and she asked me a question, Anna, What are you doing?. I replied with lot of pride (like the onida advertisement with two horns ) , I am working as an Engineer.
The next question was completely unexpected .... anna , was this your childhood dream? I just mumbled yes. She was so happy hearing my answer, my mind was thinking about my fourth standard english class, where I wrote about my future ambition (No I am not going to say what I wrote there) .Lost in those thoughts, realizing that the girl is still near , I asked her the same question abt her future plans and she replied she wanted to be a teacher. I heard some disgruntled murmur from her parents who wanted her to become doctor.
Then the girl started playing with her brother but her question was still in my mind. Childhood dream. It made me think that day that about those dreams ( usually i dream when ppl ask me to think abt something ). I just convinced myself that following dreams is lot of effort and slept again.
The following weekend I was back to bangalore and I was Flipping aimlessley through the diff channels, I came to zee sports ( yess there is a channel with this name) , and there was a interview of Sania Mirza being aired. My eyes got glued to the TV on seeing her and started watching it ( this was before she got married to shoaib malik) .
The interviewer was asking the usual questions. One of the question , So Sania it must have been really tough coming from a middle class muslim family and to become a big tennis player. I was just blown away by the answer, sania just smiled for a sec and said , I think even if you ask a zilla parsihad president , he would also say he struggled to reach there. I think everybody struggles in their own way to reach the place they have reached. That is when a bell rang and a light glowed , I just realised that to achieve something in life everybody has to struggle what ever the place must be
Next thing i did was to go and search for god's (Sachin's) interviews on the net to see what he says. One of the most interesting things came out of the interview was how he mentioned that , each one of the training sessions in his school days he wanted to miss and go enjoy like his class mates playing something, eating ice creams, have helped him in achieving the position he has reached. Always I thought, sachin was just sent from above to play cricket, but now I realized that even sachin had to struggle to achieve his childhood dreams.....
I realized that day , anyways everybody has to struggle to achieve something in life , why not struggle to achieve their childhood dreams, then we will have more sachins and sania mirzaas in our country :)


  1. Childhood dreams.... Dreams which remain as dreams for nearly 90 % of the Indian kids and if it becomes a reality - we people tell it as luck. We fail to realize that they have struggled to achieve it, to convert those dreams into reality. The nations reality would change completely if everyone starts working towards their dreams (including me - a typical software engineer).
    Nice post Sankar.. the little girl made me too to think about my dream :)

  2. @lakshmi akka , i completely agree with u :)

  3. "Was this your childhood dream?"Some provoking question that is :D.

    Nice post :-). Keep writing

  4. @Latha yeah,it surely was thought provoking.... thanks :-)

  5. Kudos!! That's a thought provoking article. I do agree with you that every successful person would have gone through a hard state of their life just to pursue what they were passionate about.

    Perhaps it cannot be generalized: not every person who pursued theit childhood dream succeeded. Nevertheless, most of the present successful icons have pursued only their dreams. There is a thin difference. In a nutshell, to me success in some or other way is driven by passion, irrespective of at whatever stage it is originated. :)

  6. @ amutha akka , thanks for reading and posting your comments :-)

  7. hey :)
    cool post ..
    But yes, life without an aim is no life at all ;)

  8. @yasha thanks for the comments :) long timeee

  9. @prasana thanks a lot da thambi :P
    @siva thanks :)